I have used Super Oxygen and can only speak positively about it. Had unexplained severe abdominal pain and CT scan proved no result. I ended up using Super Oxygen and all pain disappeared. Excellent product

Brenda Westcott

Don’t loose hope my sister used it for a month, only seeing results now.

Kiki Boo Baird

I use Super Oxygen and its great i was suffering from head aches, pains in my bones my hips i used to cry from the pain in my wrists and my legs i could not kneel and after 5 days of using Super Oxygen I have become like super woman pains are gone full of energy and a lot more. I highly recommend this for anyone and the best part is no side effects. Thank you

Kathy Sakellariou Founta

Hi, I am a renal patient, I was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure about five months ago, I am at the end stage, which it means that my kidney stopped working, I an now under hemodialysis through neck line, I go three times a week to the hospital to clean my blood, I had two surgeries until now to put a tenckhoff catheter in my stomach to start peritoneal dialysis but it did not work for me, I started the oxygen therapy two weeks ago, by taking six capsules a day, what happened was amazing, I noticed many important changes,my urine disappeared about a month ago but with the oxygen capsules it appears again and it is improving daily and i feel more energy and i had a Joints problem (knees, elbows, ankles, wrists) but now I feel less pain everyday, I go more to the toilet, I sleep better, I am very positive about the oxygen therapy, I am still taking it and i will see what will happened after a month. Thanks.


I have been using it for 2 years and never looked back. I recommend it highly I was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease and after using the Super Oxygen for 3 months It was reversed to stage 1, It really does work.

Margie Gaffley

I used it, it helped me with the problem of liver.

Seloane Koaho

It helped heal an 11 year old chronic wound under my diabetic hubby’s foot. Doctors wanted to amputate several times before but now that he using super oxygen together a positive mindset n the right shoe his feet are wound free n he can swim in a pool and the ocean without reservation.

Rashika Gharbaharan

Slept well. Breath better in the morning. Gives me energy. No legs pain. I am a hairdresser standing whole day. 47 yrs old beautiful skin. Looks healthy. Makes me drink lots of water.

Louisa Da Silva

These ‘Super Oxygen capsules saved me from very expensive heart procedures. I was so impressed I bought an agency. I live an normal life again and I sleep like a baby. I am in Centurion in Gauteng, so please feel free to inbox me with your health issues. I have stock all the time. It is a miracle product!!

John Wassenaar

Hi, I am just an ordinary person who doesn’t get sick very often, lucky me. But I do have a couple of small problems with my skin which doesn’t want to heal as quickly as it should and also an arthritic joint problem in my elbows. I have been taking the Super Oxygen now for a week and have experienced a definite improvement in my elbows and my friends are suggesting that my skin is looking better hydrated and more healthy. My energy level is up and I can concentrate better on whatever job is at hand. I shall continue taking the product and recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances.


Good Morning, my mother is almost 80 years old and the immune system was in a bad state. Last year when she had the flu, she believed she was not going to make it. She is also asthmatic and suffered with her breathing. Since she started using oxygen therapy, she hasn’t been sick again, the asthma is more under control, and she has the energy to walk again. She wasn’t able to walk even ten meters at a time. Thanks to oxygen therapy her lifestyle and general health has improved. She has been on the product for the last year and will continue using it since she has never felt better or more energetic. Amri

I also start using Super Oxygen and it really works. I am a diabetic I am feeling well, this is really a good capsule.

Susan November

Hallo let me thank you for this super oxygen. I used to buy it for my aunt who is on HIV treatment she just follow the rules taking it on a empty stomach 3 table 3 times a day in two month she went back for her blood check up the results was no virus showing in her blood and the doctor told her she must keep on taking her tablets. she look good no headache no flu. Praise God Am her witness Best regards

Ndahekelekua Esther Naftalie

I bought mine at Northgate herbal chemist…it’s excellent…bought it early this year…they also have ozone gel which is excellent for topical application…you can get the gel at any Dischem pharmacy it stays in the fridge even after buying the gel. It penetrates through your skin to bone if you’ve bone aches, open wounds, rashes etc…excellent therapy.

Doreen Molefe

Parkinsons Disease for most of my lifetime. Free of this crippling disease for four years. Thanks to Super Oxygen I have my life back.

Anne Smith

Hi to Oxygen Therapy I have been using Super Oxygen for 23 days and i am so happy that I found this product, it makes my skin very good and I don’t get easily bleed, my face looking much beta , i will use this product as long as I live I am 68 years old and I look like 80 I feel big improvement in my condition already thanks to Oxygen Therapy were ever you are I got my Super Oxygen from the chemist in the Paddocks mall in Milnerton. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I also start using Super Oxygen and it really works. I am a diabetic I am feeling well, this is really a good capsule.

Veronica Bothma

Thanks! I use the super oxygen at the moment, the blood oxygenator and must say i have much more energy, was always tired and i sleep better now. I will look out for the slimming products we live in Harrismith i bought mine in Bloemfontein.

Marie van Niekerk

The most amazing tablets that I have ever heard of and believe me, Super Oxygen works like a bomb.

Katts Debre

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