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Super Oxygen Therapy Capsules is a Help to Overcome Addictions to Substance Abuse.

Addictions of different substances are a global and widespread problem in today’s society.  Millions of people are guilty of substance abuse.  Addiction ruins lives and destroys bodies and is now narrowly defined as “uncontrolled, compulsive use”.  Substance abuse such as alcohol and drug abuse is an illness of the mind and body but the good news is it can be treated.  Addiction is also considered to be immoral conduct. Alcohol and drug abuse occurs in nearly every demographic group and is not only limited to drugs and alcohol. People can be addicted to many things, and it happens when people behave compulsively, regardless of the consequences.

Individuals that suffer from alcohol and drug abuse are typically bright, smart people. No addiction should be taken lightly; each is a complex and unique problem that must be dealt with according to the specific needs of the individual. Addictions of any kind or to any drug can have horrible side effects. The use of methamphetamine is particularly self-defeating. Crystal meth that is most often smoked in a pipe results in an almost instantaneous dose of the drug to the brain.  Overdosing can lead to heart palpitations and severe convulsions, followed by circulatory and respiratory collapse, coma, and even death.

Substance abuse of drugs such as heroin to meth or crack, and even alcohol has both physical and emotional dependency. While detox may be necessary in any rehab, it can last as long as 21 days for physical dependency to wear off the drug, it will dry out your saliva, which leads to rapid tooth decay. Meth has similar affects to cocaine and sometimes is referred to “poor man’s cocaine.” The use of meth began as a drug for truckers who wanted to stay awake for a long time.

AddictionSubstance Abuse amongst drug users occurs many a time with more than one drug or substance at a time. History has proven that it is really hard to beat drug addiction. The first step is to make the decision to quit and to ask for help. Some potent drugs, such as marijuana and heroin, are even able to provoke neurons due to the fact that their chemical structure is like a natural neurotransmitter. This similarity in their chemical structures actually dupes nerve receptors and encourages the drugs to both lock into and then stimulate the actual nerve cells. Drugs are so addictive because they provoke the pleasure circuit in the brain, which entertains a vicious cycle of continued drug abuse. Methamphetamine releases high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which stimulates brain cells, causing an increased good mood and better body movement.

Having withdrawal from alcohol and drug abuse when ending the use of any drugs or even tobacco, no matter how addicted, it should be remembered that a person can stop the substance abuse.  Smokers should remember about the addictive nature of nicotine and be prepared to accept withdrawal symptoms as a natural consequence of stopping. Withdrawal is a temporary condition, though unpleasant, but it is not harmful. Many addicts will maintain their addictions, to avoid withdrawal sickness. Withdrawal should not be such a problem with Super Oxygen™ Therapy Capsules as these capsules will help to detox the body by flooding it with more oxygen. Individuals with substance abuse has reported that the craving for these drugs disappear with the use of Super Oxygen™ Therapy Capsules. “The urge for smoking disappears!” has been reported by a few chain smokers and a mother in Cape Town had the following to say about her 30year old son that was addicted to “Tik”- “My son is not like a four year old anymore. Since he started the use of Super Oxygen™, I have my son back! I just want to ensure that these capsules will still be available for the next six months, as I don’t want to lose him again” This mother has a standing order every month for Super Oxygen™ to ensure her son’s health and to keep him away from the addiction.

Alcohol and drug abuse damage the brain in a way similar to that of carbon monoxide poisoning. Each occurrence of abuse robs the brain of vital oxygen – leaving in its path dead and damaged cells. It has scientifically been proven that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy rejuvenates the damaged brain cells and tissues while minimizing post-acute withdrawal syndrome. The tissue of the human body requires oxygen to function, and any tissue that is damaged requires a greater supply of oxygen in order to heal. Serious injuries and conditions can have a negative effect on the body’s natural blood oxygen level, but oxygen therapy increases the concentration of oxygen in the blood back to normal levels to enable damaged tissues to resume their normal functions much more quickly.

Oxygen Therapy appears to be effective at restoring cell function to tissue everywhere in the body.  According to some experts, Oxygen Therapy can even restore some cells in the brain through its delivery of higher than normal concentrations of oxygen.   Hyperbaric Medicine has been repairing brain injuries for 30 years, but no one would look at it because everyone “knew” that it was not possible. The intense flood of oxygen to the blood can stimulate cell growth, promote the formation of new blood vessels and fight infections. Various body parts will experience cellular regeneration due to the pure saturation of oxygen that is infused in organs and body parts while using oxygen therapy.  Stroke patients and Alzheimer patients have noted remarkable improvements in brain function after using Super Oxygen™ Therapy Capsules.

Recovery from substance abuse disorders and addictions is usually referred to as a recovery of mind, body and spirit.  Recovery is more than stopping drug or alcohol use.  Abstaining is important, but it’s just the beginning. True recovery also involves examining old choices in order to make new and healthier choices. Alcohol and drug abuse recovery programs help people identify situations that trigger the desire for these substances. These programs also help people to develop life management skills so they can live without the substance abuse.

Oxygen Therapy, as it’s known in the medical industry, is the new paradigm in repairing damaged brain cells due to long-term alcohol and drug abuse.  It was seen that Oxygen Therapy helped to improve the inside lining of blood vessels. It also helps to grow new blood vessels in the tissues and have got the ability to detox the body. Cell regeneration is one of the benefits of Oxygen Therapy. Pure oxygen combats the free radicals that destroy cells on a molecular level and free radicals also age body organs well before their time. It is now time to realize that a life free from addiction is not only possible, but is also a life well worth living. Start using Super Oxygen™ Therapy Capsules today, and live life!


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